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We’re proud to work in partnership with
the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK. When
you buy water bottles or take one of our
water dispensers, you’re helping us to
raise money this fantastic charity!

So far we’ve raised:

How does Make-A-Wish help to make a difference

Make-A-Wish Foundation UK grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. Since being established in the UK in 1986, they have granted over 7,500 wishes.

With our Make-A-Wish Foundation Customer Loyalty Scheme, we hope to raise more than £200,000 to date for Make-A-Wish by the end of this year.

For more information about this scheme, call us on: 0333 600 1845.

Stay healthy with Angel Waterlogic, and help make magical wishes come true

How it works is simple. We will donate:

2p for every water bottle sold to our customers
£1 for every new water cooler rental

How does angel contribute

Customer Loyalty Scheme – The Angel Waterlogic customer loyalty scheme is a way we can work together with our customers to raise money for a fantastic UK charity. How it works is simple we make a cash donation for every bottle and new water cooler rental we sell. So far we have raised more than £150,000 and with your help by the end of 2016 we’ll have raised more than £200,000.
Harlem Shake 2013 – In the early part of 2013 the Harlem Shake took the world by storm and what followed were weeks of comical videos being uploaded and shared via YouTube. In true Angel Springs fashion we decided to not only take part and do our own Harlem Shake but set ourselves a target to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK. Our challenge was to get 5000 views for a donation of £500. We managed to hit and exceed our target gaining almost 6000 views with a little thanks to our customers, suppliers and employees. If you would like to see our Angel Springs Harlem Shake please click here.
Angel Mayhem 2013 – The Make-A-Wish Foundation UK host a number of fundraising initiatives throughout the year to raise awareness and money in order to successfully grant the wishes of children and young people fighting life threatening conditions. Angel Springs made its contribution by holding its very own month of fundraising events dubbed ‘Angel Mayhem.’
London to Brighton Bike Ride 2013 – The aim of Angel Mayhem was to raise as much money as possible for charity. The Angel directors John Dundon, John Murphy and Kevin Matthews were the first to undergo the first challenge took part in a 54mile bike ride from London to Brighton organised by Make-A-Wish UK. After training for 16 weeks they managed to raise £2,725.00 a great amount for a lot of blood, sweat and tyres!
Carvers Wolverhampton City Marathon 2013 – Regional Sales Director Mark Cross from Angel took part in the Angel Mayhem challenge by taking part in the Wolverhampton City Marathon on behalf of Make-A-Wish raising a total of £891.00.
Make-A-Wish Sky Dive 2013! –  The last challenge taken by Staff at Angel was the Make-A-Wish Sky Dive Day. The dive which was completed by Angel employees Richard Smith, Chelsea Rafferty, Simon Bennett, Leighana Bethell and Christopher Vass took place at Brackley Airfield, Northants. After showing nerves of steel and plummeting 13,000 feet the ‘5 Angels from the Sky’ raised a total of £1,625.00 for Make-A-Wish UK.