How much water should you drink a day?

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There is considerable debate over the amount of water that an individual should drink in a given day. The general wisdom from the health industry has tended towards the magical ‘eight glasses a day’, but for every health practitioner that recommends this approach as a sure-fire route to health and vitality, there’s another suggesting that it makes no measurable difference to overall wellbeing.

Angel Springs support sanitisation engineer Dave James in his mission impossible!

Angel Springs engineer Dave James and his mission impossible

Angel Springs the UK’s fastest growing water cooler supplier are donating 450 bottles of water to a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts, who will be undergoing a ‘two wheel’ mission impossible to raise money for the brads cancer foundation charity. The Mission is to ride from John O Groats in Scotland to Lands End in Cornwall in 7 … Read More …

Angel Springs HQ celebrate hitting target 12 months in a row

Angel Springs HQ celebrate hitting target 12 months in a row

The Angel Springs Telesales department based at head office in Wolverhampton celebrated successfully hitting target every month during the past financial year last Friday. Angel Springs is one of the UK’s fastest growing independent water cooler suppliers and relies heavily upon the results of its Sales function with Telesales playing an instrumental role in achieving monthly targets.