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Angel Springs Envionmental
Angel Springs Envionmental

At Angel Waterlogic , caring for our environment isn’t an easy marketing slogan. It’s a very real commitment that we take extremely seriously. We believe in taking responsible, positive steps to reduce energy consumption, keep emissions at the lowest possible level, and enhance still further the sustainability of everything we do. We don’t use carbon offsetting as a replacement for real action.

As well as supplying a natural product that’s 100% good for people, we manage our water resources in a responsible way. Rather than relying on consumers, we take on the responsibility of fully controlling the re-use and recycling of our bottles. We give our customers factual and impartial advice on the environmental merits of the water cooler they’re considering – whether bottled or mains-fed. We’re investing heavily in a strategic program to evaluate, measure and understand all aspects of our environmental performance so we can do even more to improve.

Refill, not landfill
Future-proof environmental plans
Our cup recycling scheme