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Angel Springs Cup Recycling Scheme
Angel Springs Cup Recycling Scheme

Our cup recycling scheme
Our approach to looking after the environment is simple; we protect the environment at every stage possible. In addition to reusing and refilling our water bottles, recycling our bottle caps and even our water coolers – the Angel Waterlogic Cup Recycling Scheme is a unique way in which we get our customers more involved by collecting and recycling your plastic cups.

We will provide you with one of our cup disposal bins and recycling bags. Each time we deliver your water our
delivery driver will collect your cups to be recycled.

Joining the Angel Waterlogic Cup Recycling Scheme has a range of benefits including:
• Reducing the impact you have on the environment
• Achieving your own corporate environmental goals
• Having a dedicated place of storage for used cups
• The ability to recycle up to 500 cups at a time
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