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Our environmental plans are future-proof
Our environmental plans are future-proof

Many companies believe that the environment is only a marketing challenge where they simply have to buy carbon offsets to compensate for their poorly calculated carbon footprint.
At Angel Waterlogic we do not agree with this!

We choose to be different:
We have invested heavily in a program to evaluate and measure our genuine environmental impact.

This is much, much more than just a ‘carbon footprint’ exercise, but an all-encompassing board-level strategy to ensure we improve all elements of our environmental performance.

Our carbon footprinting programme, details how we reduce our impact on the environment and gives us a true understanding of the CO2 emissions involved in supplying all our other products and services. This information enables us to identify how we can continue to reduce our emissions.

Angel Waterlogic is not a carbon neutral company, in fact we do not believe it is possible to operate a ‘carbon neutral’ business. However, we do believe in a genuine, open policy of energy reduction.