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Boss? Keep Your Workforce Healthy This Winter

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The winter months inevitably bring with them germs, bugs and colds. Factor in the horrendous weather of late, and you could soon find your workforce reduced to a skeleton staff. Unfortunately, unless you have the power to control the weather (and if you do why on earth did you let these storms go on so [...]

What Counts as Water?

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We’ve dedicated thousands of words on this blog to the benefits of drinking more water. With water making up around 60 per cent of our body mass, it should come as no surprise that quaffing more H2O can have multiple health benefits. But we admit there’s a big metaphorical elephant perched behind the water cooler [...]

Water And Its Incredible Journey To Your Tap

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The journey of water before it reaches our taps is an interesting one. It begins with a mixture of water, be it from rain, reservoirs or other manmade resources, which is then transported via a number of pipes to the nearest treatment works. Once there, the water has to be cleaned up (as you can [...]

Water and Babies

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If you’re a new parent, you might be wondering when it’s okay to wean baby off bottles of milk or breast milk, and onto other drinks. The NHS recommends you start introducing cups instead of bottles when your little one is around six months old. This should be ideally be a normal cup (without a [...]

Save Money By Saving Water

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Whilst many people may swear to lose weight, exercise more, lay off the chocolate, or cut down on the booze with the turn of a new year, why not aim for something a little different and try to save water as well? Saving water in your home could be one way to keep money in [...]

Fight Winter Colds With Water

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December and January can be pretty heavy-hitting months on the average human’s immune system. It doesn’t take much to think why either. The amount of alcohol we consume increases with work parties and family shindigs over the festive period – and excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to diminish the effectiveness of the immune system. [...]