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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Water Cooler Friends

water cooler friends

Being self-employed, master of your own kingdom and Chief Executive Officer of your own company holds many benefits; you set your schedule and hours; you reward yourself when you want and can and you dictate when you holidays. You are not beholden to anything or anyone other than… … your profit margin, continually trying to…

Halloween Celebrations at Angel Springs

Staff at Angel Springs Wolverhampton office  in scary halloween costumes

Happy Halloween Everyone! Staff from Angel Springs’ Wolverhampton and Hemel Hempstead offices made a real effort this year with their fancy dress costumes, coming in as a wide range of scary characters from some of our favourite horror movies (The Shining, The Ring, Scream, Dracula, The Bride of Chuckie, Saw and The Purge). The winners…

Top 10 coolest offices in the world!

Facebook offices london

Our working environment can be inspirational; it can, if designed and executed well, increase levels of productivity but, hiding employees away in dark dingy rooms can be something that causes illness, physical and emotional, as well as affecting retention rates of staff. However, offices across the globe are changing and there are some amazing examples…

How to get more done, in less time

how do do more in less time

Time is something that we never get back and, when we have 101 things to do and not enough hours in a day, it can seem an impossibility to get it all done. Sometimes, we set the bar too high, meaning that we over-extend ourselves. Not reaching goals and hitting targets mean one thing: disappointment.…