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How to Make Water your Secret Weapon this Year

bottled water

How can you possibly make water your secret weapon this year? Water can do so much more beyond just quenching your thirst. It can normalise your body temperature. Moreover, it protects the tissues in the body from lacking moisture. You recognise exactly how it can feel when your mouth becomes dry? Perhaps you are not consuming…

How Water Can Help You Lose Weight in 2015

glass of water

Contrary to popular belief, water could very well be a basis of motivation that may possibly enables you to achieve weight loss desired goals. Whenever you drink a glass of drinking water, this should remind you of your ultimate goal along with the impression that you really are working hard in the right direction of losing…

How to Get Your Staff Fired Up For the Year Ahead

Members of staff

You could get your staff fired up for the year ahead, by establishing a long lasting professional manager relationship. By implementing ongoing overall performance evaluations. Motivate staff to regularly develop their essential skills to meet their productivity targets by acting like their personal trainer. The more interaction you have with staff in a constructive and encouraging manner,…

How to Eliminate the Back to Work Blues

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Back to work blues usually sets in right before you have actually ended your holiday getaway. Among them are unpleasant, uneasy sensation in your stomach reminding you that you may in a little while be going back to work. Not everybody looks forward to getting back to the work environment after an exciting filled vacation.…

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Water Cooler Friends

water cooler friends

Being self-employed, master of your own kingdom and Chief Executive Officer of your own company holds many benefits; you set your schedule and hours; you reward yourself when you want and can and you dictate when you holidays. You are not beholden to anything or anyone other than… … your profit margin, continually trying to…