Angel | Waterlogic WL4 Mains-Fed Countertop Water Cooler

The Waterlogic 4 is an innovative mains-fed countertop watercooler with a wide range of unique design features and technological advancements. The WL4 features Firewall UV technology that allows it to provide total hygiene inside and out of the countertop water dispenser. Firewall from Waterlogic guarantees a microbiologically pure, fresh and clean glass of water for every user throughout the day. The Waterlogic 4 countertop is a complement to it's freestanding alternative and is capable of the same great performance while making good use of your free counter top space.

The WL4 Combines its functionality with sleek, intuitive design, and provides dramatically advanced water purification capabilities alongside unrivalled aesthetics.

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  • Unbeatable water purity
  • 2 stage carbon filtration
  • Class A UV
  • Firewall UV technology
  • Drip tray sensor
  • BioCote® anti-microbial protection


  • Cold and ambient
  • Cold,  ambient and sparkling
  • Hot and Cold & Extra Hot
  • Hot, Extra hot, Cold and sparkling


  • 10 cold cups at once (150ml cups)
  • 50 cold cups per hour (150ml cups)
  • 5 hot cups at once (150ml cups)
  • 60 hot cups per hour(150ml cups)


  • Height 439mm
  • Width 428mm
  • Depth 470mm