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Take a free trial on Angel Springs Water Dispensers
Take a free trial on Angel Springs Water Dispensers

Water Dispensers, Systems and Accessories

Looking for a water dispenser for your workplace? Here’s an easy way to start thinking about the ideal product to provide you with the best possible solution to your hydration needs. Select your product type, style and simply complete the form and we’ll be in touch.
Alternatively you can give us a call us and speak to one of our friendly BWCA accredited advisors (British Water Cooler Association) on 0333 600 1845 for more information.

Water Dispenser Types

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The water dispensers we offer come in different types and facilitate hydration in different ways…

Bottled water coolers from us can provide hydration for any workplace environment. All that’s required are water bottles that feed into the water dispenser. The bottled water supplied by us is bottled at source to maintain a great refreshing taste. Bottled water dispensers provide a flexible solution that can be placed anywhere within 70cm of a plug socket. They’re by far the most versatile hydration solution.

Mains-fed water coolers make great use of the water you’re already paying for. They are connected to your mains water supply and utilize state of the art filtration technology to provide you with great tasting drinking water that will never run out. Our range of Mains-fed water dispensers have BioCote antimicrobial technology within the plastic surfaces surrounding dispensing areas to inhibit the growth of germs, providing a permanent layer of hygienic defence. They also feature patented filtration technology such as Firewall™ to provide you with water of the finest quality that tastes great.

Counter top coolers are our space saving alternatives to full sized water dispensers. They’re available in both our bottled and mains-fed dispensers, and are a great solution for workplaces with limited space available.

Water boilers are dedicated to providing great tasting water for your hot beverages. They achieve this in an economic way at speeds kettles cannot match. Water from your mains supply is filtered and fed into your water boiler for an unbeatable fresh taste. Water boilers are available in wall mounted and counter top models.

Taps from us provide an all-round hydration solution in an efficient and stylish manner. They utilize under sink space to heat and chill your water while taking up minimal countertop space. They’re a premium product that will be effective while complementing your canteen/kitchen area.

Product Package Options are available for all business types. Our friendly customer service staff are great at tailoring solutions to suit the needs of different workplace environments. Request a call back if you’re unsure of what may benefit you the most, they’ll be happy to help.

Systems and Accessories

Accessories are available to accompany your hydration solution. Our accessories range from consumable cups to bottled water storage racks. Take a look to see what might benefit your workplace.

Hospitality Systems are hydration solutions for the hospitality sector. They consist of a high volume water dispenser and a range of bespoke stylish glass bottles that can be branded. The high volume water dispensers are available in freestanding, countertop and undersink. Hospitality Systems are provided as a rental package

Water Filters from us utilize state-of-the-art water technology. By combining high quality filtration whilst retaining essential minerals they provide you with a great tasting drink every time. Our Water Filters are supplied with all of our Mains-fed Water Coolers, Water Boilers, Taps and Hospitality Systems for more information.