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Have a free trial on a hot water dispenser from angel springs
Have a free trial on a hot water dispenser from angel springs

Hot water boilers

water boilers for home or office!

An Angel Waterlogic Instant Water Boiler could save your business up to £1000 per year… sound like your cup of tea? Paying your staff to stand around and watch the kettle boil is money down the drain…

Save time, save money with an Angel Waterlogic Instant Water Boiler. A great option if you want a constant supply of instant boiling water straight from the tap. The new range of Angel Waterlogic water boilers operate at, or close to, 100°C giving the perfect cuppa every time, in no time!

Our automatic water boilers pass cold water from your mains supply through the BWT Bestmax™ filtration system. Once purified, the water is passed through the super-efficient heating elements which rapidly heat the water to the perfect temperature.

Because instant water heaters only boil the amount of water you require at the time, there is less water and energy waste. Instant water boilers use less power than conventional appliances saving you money on electricity bills and helping the environment along the way!