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Water Dispensers and Coolers for Schools, Colleges and Universities

If you’re a part of the education sector, your environment is one that can have very specific needs in terms of hydration. High usage, robustness and low maintenance are things that need to be considered when deciding on what water cooler how many and whether or not its mains fed or bottled.

We have a vast amount of experience with customers in the education sector and have built good relationships by understanding what it is they need from us as a company when providing water dispensers for students and employees. They trust us to advise them on what is practical, efficient and cost effective.

Not every school, college or university’s hydration needs can be approached in the same way. Some schools have higher usage than others which influences the choice of whether a water cooler or a water fountain would best suit the environment because of cup usage. To keep maintenance down, some universities want to avoid changing bottles a lot and have a mains-fed water cooler instead.

It is entirely dependent on what suits the environment. Here at Angel Waterlogic we are very confident that our team will provide you with a solution that will work efficiently. Fill out a form and someone from our team will give you a call back and get you on your way to hydrating your students in a way that works well for you.

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