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Water Dispensers and Coolers for the Facilities Management Industry

 If your apart of the facilities management industry, a water cooler is probably on the list of things you have to take care of in terms of providing clients with a solution to hydration. At Angel Waterlogic we aim to lighten your load. We’d let you know approximately how much water you need, when you’ll need more and when we feel we should come to clean and sanitise the water cooler for your hygiene purposes. If you require it we would most certainly help you decide on the placement of coolers, the amount of coolers, variations and whether or not cups and bins are needed.

Here at Angel Waterlogic all the products and services we provide are tested to the highest regard in terms of reliability, we aim to prevent any leakages and damage to our customers property and have done a great job at that for the last 20 years. We are accredited by the British Water Cooler Association and are corporate members of the British Institute of Facilities Management.

We offer many variations in our product range including water boilers a more economical solution to a kettle. Our water coolers have hot and cold variations as well as tepid and cold with the choice of them being bottled or mains-fed. We can also provide you with an aqua tap if that suits your facilities better.

We consider ourselves hydration solution specialists, and are very confident that our team will provide you with a solution that will work efficiently. Fill out a form and someone from our team will give you a call back, and get you on your way to hydrating your facility in a way that works well for you.

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