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Hot Water Boilers and Water Coolers for the Industrial Sector

If your business is categorised within the industrial sector you have a few things to consider, the amount of water coolers needed, the maintenance of them, the robustness and practicality of the water coolers and keeping them clean and making sure they abide with the food standards agency.

Here at Angel Waterlogic, we will take all of this into consideration when tailoring a solution to your business. We aim to remove as much work on your end as we possibly can. We are very experienced at this, having been in the business for more than 20 years catering for the hydration needs of businesses similar to your own.

We understand that within the industrial sector, the water dispenser may end up in a warehouse which lets us know the water dispenser will need to be capable of taking a knock or two. We understand that it needs to be reliable and require as little maintenance as possible while dealing with a high demand. We understand that the cleaning of the water machine’s external needs to be as easy as a quick wipe down; as for the cleaning of the inside, we’ll handle that for you. We have trained sanitation engineers that will make sure it complies with food agency standard regulation, as well as standards from the British Water Cooler Association.

The water boilers we provide are really easy to use, require little maintenance from you and provide an economical solution that beats using a kettle. Taking into consideration the amount of usage and space we will tailor a fit that will complement your environment and demand. This economical solution that will cut the time spent in the canteen or kitchen making hot drinks, therefore allowing more time spent on work which adds up over the year.

We are always putting our customers at forefront of what we do here at Angel Waterlogic, we are very confident that our team will provide you with a solution that will work efficiently.

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