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products for the office
products for the office

Office Water Coolers & Hot Water Dispensers

Whether it be practicality,
Fotolia_53201294_Srobustness or style we have a water cooler that will be the perfect addition to your office environment. We work closely with a lot of companies in office settings and work together to continuously deliver unique hydration solutions that suit the work environment.


If your office space is limited we may offer you a countertop water dispenser that will deliver the same amount of quality and build as a freestanding water cooler to stop you from having to sacrifice unnecessary space to hydrate your employees.

Fotolia_112349066_MIs your office modern and stylish? Does it need a water cooler to compliment this? We have stylish water coolers that maintain the reliability and robust build as our more value-based water coolers.
Or maybe you have an office environment that is quite large and will receive high usage; this may require more than one office water dispenser on site to handle the demand.

See our range of Bottle-fed or Mains-fed water coolers.

We also offer water boilers for all your hot drink needs. This is an economical solution that will cut the time spent in the canteen or kitchen making hot drinks, therefore increasing productivity, thus allowing more time spent on work which adds up over the year.

See our range of hot water boilers.
Fotolia_112446437_MWhatever the office situation, we are very confident that our friendly team of qualified advisors will provide you with a unique hydration solution that will work efficiently. Fill out a form and someone from our team will give you a call back and get you on your way to hydrating your employees in a way that works well for you.

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